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Merchandise transport under groupage regime

    European Express Group performe partial transports through Europe as follows:
    Merchandise transport under groupage regime.
    Groupage are for customers who have parts of goods, that do not require full truck, wich we groupe them with other goods on    the same truck to optimise costs.
    Merchandise transport under urgent groupage regime.
    Groupage are intended to customers that have small parties between 1 kg-1000 kg, thatrequire urgent delivery, wich we add them with other urgent goods.
    Emergency services packs are made with vans of 3.5 tonnes
and 7.5 tonnes truck driven by two drivers


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VANS 1.3 to - Volume 15-20mc, L = 4.2m, l = 2m, H = 1.7-2.3m capacities loading up to 1300kg (1.5to) for national and international transport Express (for  24-60 hour transit across Europe)
TRUCKS 3 to -Volume 30-35mc , L = 6m, l = 2.4m, 2.4m H, load capacities up to 3000kg (3.5to)
TRUCKS 24 to - Volume 80-100mc, L = 13.5m, l = 2.4m, 2.5m H cargo up to 24000kg (24to)Upon request we provide vehicles with 2 drivers, to ensure a period minimum transit.Respond to any request regardless of the time .. !!

  • 1.3to / 13 - 15 mc

    1.3to / 18 - 22 mc

    3to / 30 - 35 mc

    24to / 90 - 110 mc