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European Express Group
European Express Group
TRANSPORT domestic and international EXPRESS OR UNDER
Cargoes from all European Union countries as well as extra space in the following countries: Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Montenegro, Ukraine, Republic of Moldovia
NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL relocation - moving furniture, desks,
For every move of house or office relocation of a firm can exist and demands
unique needs. Therefore, any requests or questions arise in this process.
He will respond with professionalism Coordinator, who follows the development and completion in good condition and on time project.
Parcel services in different ways and distribution to ALL EUROPA.
We can also transport dangerouse goods(ADR),groups 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9

We have vans and trucks daily across Europe and we are able to maximum take over any cargo in 2-6 hours from receipt of order.
To assure fast transport delivery in 24-60 hours anywhere in Europe and any European country from Romania .
Shipments of goods is done in complete regimen of Romania to Europe and the
Europe to Romania.
Perform transports cargo in different ways from Romania to Europe and any
European country to Romania, provide reduced transit time.
to offer the following types of machines:
VANS 1.5  to - Volume 15-20mc, L = 4.2m, l = 2m, H = 1.7-2.3m capacities
                        loading up to 1500kg (1.5to) for national and international transport Express (for
                   24-60 hour transit across Europe)
TRUCKS 3.5 to -Volume 30-35mc , L = 6m, l = 2.4m, 2.4m H, load capacities up
                         to 3500kg (3.5to)
TRUCKS 24 to - Volume 80-100mc, L = 13.5m, l = 2.4m, 2.5m H cargo up
                       to 24000kg (24to)
Upon request we provide vehicles with 2 drivers, to ensure a period
Minimum transit.
Respond to any request regardless of the time .. !!
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     Non stop Tel/WhatsApp:    +40763880338             +40733811663                                        


We are a company specializing in providing national and international transport movers land, sea and air, providing professional services "door to door" throughout Europe through the network of agents (partners) International.
If you perform the international transport of goods (general ) in
Cargo parties smaller than a full truck, we provide our services goods transport national / international ways.
Unlike full load, transport international ways gives our customers ability to carry cargo and smaller parties.
It can carry such quantities of goods as a means of total capacity transport of pallets, boxes, bales, parcels, etc. Pallets and / or packaging may have dimensions
Assistance in customs clearance for export from Romania

Transport Romania, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Austria, Bulgaria,
Hungary, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, England, Ireland, Norway, Denmark,
Sweden, Finland, Croatia, Slovenia, Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Bosnia,
Montenegro, Kosovo, Moldova.