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Full-Exclusive Transport



     Eurpean Express Group performed transports of goods in an exclusive mode.


     The transports in the exclusive mode are made in one way (Export or Import) or roundtrip from Romania or Europe.     


    Charging is based on kilometers traveled .      


    Transports are made by:


    Vans, capacity load 3,5 to-1,5 to, volume 12-22 m3, 5-8 pallets;

    Trucks, capacity load 7,5 to-3 to, volume 33-40 m3, 15-18 pallets;

    Trucks, capacity load 40 to-22 to, volume 90-100 m3, 33 pallets;


    Complete transports is made to the following destinations:


    Germany. France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, England, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Ireland, Austria, Bulgaria, Moldova, Albania, FYROM, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro.