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Express and fast transport


     European Express Group performed express transport, Romania-Europa, Europa-Romania.

     Express shipments are made by:
     Vans 3.5 to - 1.5, load capacity: volume 12-20m3, L = 4.2m,l = 2.05,H=1,8-2,3m, 5-8 pallets;

     Truck 7.5 to – 3, load capacity: volume 33-40m3,  L=6m, l=2,4m, H=2,5m, 33-40 m3, 15-18 pallets;

     For this services, we provide 2 drivers/truck.

    We deliver within 24 hours, to/from the following countries: Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Italy(N), Czech Republic,  Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, FYROM.

    We deliver within 48 hours, to/from the following countries: Italia(S), Belgia, Olanda, Danemarca, Spania(N), Suedia(S), Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland.

    We deliver within 60 hours, to/from the following countries: Spain(S), Portugal, Sweden(N), Norway, England, Ireland.

    We have vans and trucks daily across Europe and we are able to take any command in express mode in less then 2 hours since we get the order.

  REQUEST A FREE QUOTE and an operator will respond you in the shortest time.
                                                 Tel Non Stop: +40 763 880 338
                                                              Ymesenger: dorenacomimpex
                                                                      Skype: European Express